New Poll Reveals Two Candidates That Can Beat Donald Trump in 2020

The 2020 election is still over a year away, but a new poll done by Fox News seems to show that former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders would be beat President Donald Trump if the election were held today.

Interestingly enough however, it was Biden who managed to beat Trump 47% to 40% in the poll, but he hasn’t announced his candidacy as of yet and its its not known if he will or not. As for Sanders, the poll showed he would beat Trump 44% to 41% if the election were held today.

Unfortunately for the rest of the democratic hopefuls in 2020, they fared much worse against Trump in the poll and seem to have virtually no chance of beating him. For example, the poll showed that if it were Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris facing Trump straight up, The President would end up winning by two percent.

With that being said, early polling seems to indicate that the left has a anyone but Trump mentality, especially with how close the margins were when The President was compared to the other three candidates, and it also reveals that they might have to rely on Biden or Sanders to take power back.

Whether that actually works out or not remains to be seen and will dependent on what unfolds in the next year or so before the election, but it seriously feels as if Biden, Sanders and those with decent amounts of name recognition will fare better than those that don’t

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