One On One With YouTube Sensation, Kendra Rowe

Kendra Rowe 

That might sound like just another name right now, but with her mesmerizing blue eyes, infectious smile and a relatable shyness, she just might manage to take over the world someday. While that might sound like non sensical hyperbole, and to some degree it is, this is a young 18-year-old women who knows what she wants is chasing after her dreams one step at a time. 

“The best parts have definitely been travelling and the brand potential,” Kendra told when asked about her journey” “The worst part has definitely got to be the fact that being ambitious attracts a few haters, there’s been some conflict with my previous managers, but I’m living my best life and having tons of fun doing it!  

Interestingly enough, her magical journey started on YouTube, where the she amassed a lot of positive attention for trying on different brands of clothes and giving her opinion on them. Not only have her videos amassed almost 50,000 views they also garnered a lot of likes from fans and a plethora of comments asking her to put out more content. 

“I’ve always had a passion for clothes, and a passion for YouTube. Rowe explained during the interview with,” Through the insights of a previous business partner I realized the potential and opportunities out there for me in regards to try on videos! With the amount of interest, I gained, how could I not want to continue?” 

Speaking of interest, her YouTube channel has already generated over 75,000 views in less than a month and her fans are definitely anxious for more from Ms. Rowe.  Fortunately for her growing fanbase, she also has a teaser video for a swim day photoshoot that is sure to both entice and enchant when finally released. 

“I definitely wasn’t! “Kendra claimed when asked about whether she expected the amount of attention she got for her videos, “It’s crazy how quickly and fast everything blew up. I love all my fans so much though, and will continue doing content for you guys I love the support! Everyone’s super helpful and understanding when I mess up” 

Beyond that, the 18-year-old has also unveiled a Patreon page where her fans can unlock special benefits like access to photoshoots early, glossy photos and much more. Rowe’s Patreon even states that once she is able to reach 500 Patreon’s she will have enough to buy a new camera and release two videos a week for her eager fanbase! 

“My Patreon offers both digital and physical rewards! You get to see tons of photos of me (because who doesn’t love those), as well as prints and polaroids. Rowe told us about awesome rewards on her Patreon, “There’s an extra special tier on there as well, for the right price! “ 

All that might sound like a lot of pressure for an 18-year-old, but she has handled herself with flair and a lot of spunk.  In fact, she admitted during the interview that sometimes she can get overwhelmed by her busy schedule, but then added that she has a few creative ways to keep her on track and stress free. 

“I’ve definitely had a few overwhelming days between filming and getting to work on time PLUS school in the mix Rowe admitted, “, but setting a schedule really works for me! Although I break it 24/7, I recently invested in some super awesome day planners and love to manage myself that way!” 

One thing that will definitely strike you about Ms. Rowe, besides her blue eyes, bubbly personality and her business sense, is the fact that she is blunt and honest in her opinions. Not only is it refreshing in a world where everyone seems to have the same homogenized response, it also gives you a feeling that she isn’t just another pretty face. 

What really struck us during our interview with Ms. Rowe was her response to our question about negative comments that came her way on social media. With that being said and the aforementioned usual response of, it doesn’t bother me, Ms. Rowe had a much more honest and heartfelt response. 

“Of course! I’d be lying if I said they didn’t. Rowe said when asked about how negative comments affected her. “However, I usually have some clever response if I feel like replying or I just turn away and ignore them!” 

There’s always gonna be haters and people who don’t want to see you succeed Kendra warned,”, but you can’t change that or stop them so why bother? Yeah, everyone gets self-conscious seeing themselves, but the positivity and amazing comments I receive totally outweigh the negative. “ 

The subject of body positivity also came up during the interview and while it continues to be a controversial subject in the mainstream media, Kendra’s advice to fans that aren’t in love with their body is simple. In fact, her message to fans is one of love and spreading kindness to other people. 

“I think everyone should love themselves no matter what! You’ll get the attention and love you deserve no matter who you are and what you look like if you go searching for it in the right place. Body positivity is a huge aspect for me, spread kindness and positivity to yourself and others!” 

YouTube isn’t the only place fans and admirers can keep up with Kendra Rowe on her journey, as she also has a website and an Instagram. The website,, has a plethora of features, including steamy previews, jaw dropping galleries and some very fascinating details about the women herself. 

Going back to her Instagram, she has already been followed over 7000 times and her account is filled with breathtaking shots of the young model. Despite the serious and sexy poses on her Instagram, she still has time to laugh at herself a little. In fact, she even has a video of her getting knocked senseless during a wave at a photoshoot. 

Kendra also discussed her plans for the future and two things became apparent about the young woman at this point in time. 1. She is wildly ambitious and not afraid to branch out into something new. The second thing that became apparent about her was her absolute love and devotion to bringing her fans content! 

“I have ambitions to continue on with developing a digital empire and eventually branching into film and tv! I also hope to launch a few businesses with the help of all my viewers and work with some super cool companies! And of course, buying a sweet new ride!” 

In the end, Ms. Rowe is ambitious, business savvy and a very beautiful woman. Beyond all that, she is someone that is growing up in the digital age that rewards uniqueness and positivity. If nothing else, this should be easy sea’s for Ms. Rowe to navigate and eventually achieve her wildest dreams! 

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