Five Biggest Problems With Season 20 Of Big Brother

#1 Allowing sexual harassment.

There have been a plethora of sexual harassment, slut shaming and outright disgusting acts of the course of this season, but Big Brother has still not done anything about it! Believe it or not, Big Brother hasn’t done anything more then offer a warning to contestants that have sexually harassed others, which has only lead to it happening more times then if they had actually done something about it.

Whether it was JC humping and kissing Tyler, Sam slut shaming Katilyn and Hayleigh for using their looks as a strategy or any number of incidents that have happened this season, it all could have been stopped if they would just have consequences for their actions. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be an outright eviction, but at least punish them by putting them on the block, or even giving them a penalty vote. Just something that sends a message.

In the end, the season is almost over and this likely won’t get resolved this year, which means fans are going to have to wait and see the situation boil over again and again before its finally addressed. Maybe it will happen next season or maybe Big Brother will be forced to acknowledge their lack of consequences to offending house guests and take a meaningful course of action this season instead.



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