Five Biggest Problems With Season 20 Of Big Brother

#3 The state of the battleback

If nothing else, Scotty fighting to win his way back into the game via the battle back was meaningless. Not that any other person that walked out that door wouldn’t have been voted out, but its sad that the outcome is that predictable. It’s honestly just a way for a HOH to get no blood on his or her hands by making the easy choice and ousting someone that they already ousted.

Maybe it could work if they offer them some kind of immunity for a week or so to protect them, but not if you’re just going to march them back into the house with no way to gain an advantage. In the end, its unfair and really doesn’t create anything that spectacular and i personally can’t really remember it ever doing so in the past either. In fact, that should have been proven last year when Cody won the battle back, only to be shown the door a short time later.

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