Five Biggest Problems With Season 20 Of Big Brother

#5 Pack like mentality.

Much like last season, the remaining house guest seem to have a pack like mentality and are picking the lowest person on the totem pole off one by one. Its almost the same as what Paul was able to achieve last year on Big Brother 19, which one would think that the other contestants would have been ready for. It doesn’t seem like tha’ts the case however and its getting pretty annoying watching Tyler run the house week after week.

Of course that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be in the spot he is currently in, but one would think that someone by now would have gotten the hint and broken rank for Tyler. Furthermore, one would think that someone would successfully blow up his game before being evicted, which would show him as the true enemy of the entire house. It is impossible to think that no one has thought about this yet and its hurts the shows believably in a way.

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