Five Biggest Problems With Season 20 Of Big Brother


What is happening inside the big brother house.

Of course that is a question that fans ask at some point in the season, but it seems that they have reached that threshold much earlier then usual. In fact, the problems with season 20 of Big Brother started piling up from the get go and has only gotten worse as time has gone on. With that being said however, Big Brother and CBS seem intent on minimizing the incidents or brushing them off completely, which is leaving some fans frustrated

In the end, not every single season can be perfect and in today age is going to be subject to more scrutiny then before, but this season seems to even go beyond those lines in some ways. Whether the show gets cleaned up next season or in future season remains to be seen and will be determined by how much backlash Big Brother faces from fans, but here are the biggest problems with Big Brother right now!

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