Controversial Houseguest Confirmed For Celebrity Big Brother!


Reality television is about to get a little more interesting

Story Daniels, the woman that Donald Trump is accused of having an affair with and paying off before The 2016 election, has been announced for the second season of Celebrity Big Brother. The Sun reports that the season will center on the idea of redemption, which will be an interesting storyline considering where Daniels is in her life right now. It will also be an opportunity to continue to tell her story, which will be great for the shows second season.

And what a story she probably has to tell! Not only is she currently embroiled in multiple lawsuits with Trump and Michael  Cohen, she has also been the subject of multiple twitter rants on Trumps part. Between that and the details she might have regarding his personal life, his marriage to Melania and even whether he is really racist or not, its going to be fun to watch!

Interestingly enough, the news comes one year after former Trump administration staffer, Olmarosa Manigault Newman was contestant on the first season of the American version of the show.  In the end, not only did Omarosa  manage to defame Trump and his administration during her time in the Big Brother house, she also was the subject of hours of main stream attention due to the information she was leaking to the audience.

Fast forward to this season and viewers will likely be treated to never before heard details about her alleged affair with Donald Trump and how it affected her personally. With that being said, it will be interesting to see how long Big Brother manages to keep her in the house so she can keep telling her story. Furthermore, it will also be interesting to see how Trump reacts to her being on the show.

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