Five Big Brother 20 House guests That Have No Chance Of Making It To Finale Night

#1 Fezzy

Its no secret that Fezzy was caught between a rock in a hard place when both Kaitlyn and Hayleigh were on the block a couple of weeks ago and while Fezzy feels like he did the right thing for his own game and relationship, it also shined a light on just how much Hayleigh is pulling his strings. In fact, she is starting to come off more and more like an unlikable and unreasonable showmance that is just using Fezzy for protection.

With that being said, it honestly feels like she wasn’t very grateful for being saved by Fezzy and its starting to feel more and more obvious that Hayleigh will cut Fezzy when the time comes. Unfortunately for Fezzy, this means that the could soon become the odd man out in his group once he is ruled to be expendable by Bayleigh and Hayleigh and his defense of JC may play a part in that.

In the end, maybe Brett, Fezzy, JC , Scottie and Tyler could form a secret alliance that benefits all of them as the weeks go on, but it seems far more likely that Fezzy will be shown the door relatively soon.




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