Five Big Brother 20 House guests That Have No Chance Of Making It To Finale Night

#2 Brett

Brett has lost a lot of momentum after his bromance partner, Winston, was sent packing a couple of weeks ago and he has been jockying for position ever since. Add to this a feud with Rockstar for lying on her children’s birthday and you have a guy with a  target on his back that needs to be taken out sooner rather then later.  In fact, they need to do it before he is able to win a competition and have control of the house.

Luckily for those that want Brett out of the house, he doesn’t have the best social game right now and if he fails to charm his way into an alliance soon, he will become a target to get picked off. In the end, maybe Brett can do something to save his fate, especially if he offers his loyalty to the right person in the house, but it doesn’t seem particularly possibly when you consider his current standing in the house.

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