Five Big Brother 20 House guests That Have No Chance Of Making It To Finale Night

#3 Scottie

Scottie has played a very calculated game so far, but his swing vote in Swaggy C’s eviction and shady gameplay is bound to catch up with him sooner or later. When that finally does happen, he is going to be at odds with his alliance or the other side of the house and be put on on the block as a result. In fact, Scottie already proved he couldn’t be trusted or even act like he could during Bayleigh’s  HOH, which should put him on the chopping block soon.

With that being said, Scottie also isn’t the best at physical competitions and could very easily be sent home if another mental competition doesn’t come up soon. Unfortunately  for Scottie, there are other house guests that excel at mental competitions and he could easily be outdone  by one of them, which will ultimately result in the gamer being put up for eviction by the incoming HOH

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