Five Big Brother 20 House guests That Have No Chance Of Making It To Finale Night

#4 Jc

JC seems to be The Josh of this season and he is quickly putting a target on his back with his antics in the house. During Bayleigh’s first reign as HOH, she made it clear that Fessy needed to stop defending JC, which means he could be the low person on the pecking order next week. That also means that the alliance between Bayleigh, Hayleigh, Fessy and JC could be splitting up soon in order to take sides.

With that being said, Fessy and JC will have a target on their back’s after something like that occurs and will be the easy to pick off. Of course JC seems like the better pick to send home since Hayleigh and Bayleigh could easily manipulate Fessy again, and it wouldn’t make sense for them to keep JC for any conceivable reason whatsoever after knowing where his allegiances lie.

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