Five Big Brother 20 House guests That Have No Chance Of Making It To Finale Night


Who’s going to Finale night?

The question is a hard one to answer right now, especially with only a handful of house guests being shown the door so far this season, but some contestants have an easier road then others to get there. In fact, there are some house guests this season that seem to have already sealed their fate in The Big Brother house and will be a target in the weeks to come.

With that being said and dreams of who will be there on finale night filling longtime fans heads, here are five house guests that have absolutely no chance of going all the way in this season of Big Brother. Whether that has to do with competition skills, social game play or just being an all around general ass will vary from person to person, but here are the five that have no chance of reaching finale night.

As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below and tel us who you want to make it to finale night at the end of the summer.

#5 Bayleigh

Bayleigh seems to have a problem controlling her ego when she’s in power and that will no doubt result in her alliance members getting her out whenever they can. She seems to alienate herself more and more by talking about what was best for her instead of what was best for the group as a collective. She evenĀ  kept mentioning that everyone in her alliance would choose someone else over her, but didn’t try to do anything to change that.

She also seems to be a bit of a liability when it comes to outbursts in the house and her ego could definitely make her a huge target in the house. That, coupled with the fact that Bayleigh was already out of the loop in her alliance before she came into power, makes it look like her alliance aren’t going to stay loyal for very long, especially after her outbursts and she will be out sooner rather then later.

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