Popular Progressive News Show Caught Advocating For Gun Ban And Vilifying White Americans


Dear Cenk Uygur I might be able to take you somewhat seriously if you weren’t so fucking cocky every time you say something controversial. You are honestly a caricature of the left wing and you offend me deeply. With that being said however, i am more interested in having a dialogue with you. Why does it feel like your and Ana Kasparian reporting is centered on the idea of making Republicans out to be sex depraved lunatics that worship their guns and their right to be racist?

We both know you are sewing a narrative and trying to vilify these people for your own parties political gains. In fact, i believe you know as well as i do that it becomes easier and easier to dehumanize a group of people by doing that. It also seems that you and your group is advocating more and more to actively take away rights from this group of people. What is interesting though, is that you either knowingly or unknowingly are basing this off of race. I have seen multiple times on your newscast where you openly mock The Republican party and make them out to be a bunch of archaic bigots hell bent on taking your rights away.

Why do you want to be the same thing that you accuse White Republicans of being and take away rights from them.   And you know what? I’m proud to be that white American and i get extremely angry when you mock what i am or even this misguided idea of what i am. The saddest part of it however is how you seem to be so eager to paint white Americans in the same negative light you so hate being associated with your party and Black Americans. How can we have this idea or even practice of equality on both sides if you are openly seeking to take people’s rights a way?

Whether you know or don’t know that this is what your doing is irrelevant,t but what is important however is that you continually criminalize and mock White Republicans and then claim racism when something is done in return. If we really want to have a dialogue between the two parties and embrace this idea of equality, we need to at least be on equal footing when we do. And how can we even do that, or even be expected to come to debate table willingly if it it feels more and more like you are trying to minimize us

In the end, taking away gun rights and being a completely narcissistic prick as you do in the video that i am posting this under, only creates dissent and fuels more fears between our two parties. What purpose that serve then to vilify, and ultimately dehumanize the right wing and White Americans?

A little bit of background about me for context. I am a white 26 year old American and voted for Donald Trump in last election. Does that make me horrible? Maybe to you it does, but to me it was a lesser of two evils kind of deal and I thought voting for Trump would have a lot more positive of an outlook then a vote for Clinton would. Sure, i was a little bit thrown off at first by his politically incorrect speech, but was also happy that someone had a forgotten groups best interest at heart.

In the end, i am for sensible gun reform and even allowing immigrants into this country to experience the opportunities offered here. What i am not for however, is a vilification and an outright stripping of rights by the politically correct left.

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