Five Things You Need To Know About Cops Shooting A Black Man To Death In His Own Garage

The getting arrested while black movement

This getting arrested for doing X, Y or Z  While black movement had some legitimacy in the beginning , especially the story about the women that was called the police on for sleeping in a common area at Yale, it seems to just be a way for them to vilify the right and make sure that they don’t get reelected.

The problem with what media like The Young Turks are doing is that they are ignoring certain facts in favor of others to shape this narrative. This wouldn’t be so bad if they at least acknowledged that the man was intoxicated, had a gun and was being belligerent, but they refuse to do so and then try to blame Republicans for not being compassionate enough.

Next, the man was drunk, had a gun and shut the garage door in two officer’s faces. If any person, regardless of race were to turn their back on an officer during a traffic stop and tried to get back into their car, they would have at least been tackled. Unfortunately for Mr. Hill, he had a gun on him, which put the safety of the officers at risk.

They didn’t shoot him because he was black. Maybe that’s what the left wing media wants liberals to believe so it becomes easier and easier to vilify the right and shame them into submission, but the truth is that the man was belligerent, had a gun and actively turned his back on two officers.

None of the above means that the event wasn’t unfortunate and a loss of human life, but trying to make someone else responsible for another person’s actions is equity laughable as trying to claim racism every time something like this happens. It’s nothing more than a tactic to contentiously make the right look like racist lunatics and its getting old.

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