Five Things You Need To Know About Cops Shooting A Black Man To Death In His Own Garage

Is It Racism? (opinion)

Ok. Let’s walk down why this isn’t racism step by step.

. Mr. Hill was apparently intoxicated at the time of the police visit and had a gun in his back pocket. The police officer thought the man had a gun and Mr. Hill closing the door on the officers didn’t help things either. Of course the gun was discovered unloaded after being retrieved, but the jury claim that Mr. Hill is mainly responsible for his own death.

With that being said, I don’t believe the money the jury supplied, a measly four dollars, was sufficient and they should have at least ruled that the funeral expenses would have been paid in an act of good will.  However, the jury was still correct in their ruling that Mr. Hill was largely responsible for his own death.

In the end however, none of that is racism! Could the jury have had a little more compassion? Sure, and so should people in a lot of other cases. Not even the noise complaint was racist since the women filing it didn’t even see the man! So how is she even racist if she didn’t see the man, and was just annoyed at the noise in an era where she was picking up her kids?

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