The NRA Is Not A Terrorist Organization And Here’s Why!

interestingly enough, Liberals seem to want to blame The NRA for school shootings when it was the mistakes of The FBI, local police, school administrators and several others failed to report Cruz, despite having multiple chances to do so! This was even confirmed by the own students at Parkland when they said they knew Cruz was the one that would do something like that.

Not only does American citizens and officials want to blame The NRA for doing what virtually any other special interest groups would do, they are now calling calling for the disarmament of American citizens. Whether that turns out to be a good thing or not remains to be seen and in the cafe of Florida this week, raising the age to buy a weapon from 18 to 21 could at least prevent some of these senseless tragedies from taking place.
In the case of The NRA however, they are being publicity shamed by the media despite having virtually nothing to do with the school shooting! Cruz wasn’t a member of the special interest group, A lot of The NRA’s official beliefs do not align with that of The Parkland School Shooter, which makes it unbelievable that they are called a terrorist organization.
You know what! Put whatever buzz word you want in front of an organization that has nothing to do with the school shooting. Show how much of an ass you all really are. Show us once again that you are trying to vilify a group of people for their Second Amendment right and bullying companies to drop ties with the organization over your bull crap!

To do a comparison that i have seen from conservative posts lately, does that mean were allowed to call pro lifers baby killers and Planned Parenthood a terrorist organization? In fact, lets throw that up on a billboard and see how long it takes for the the group to receive death threats for their political beliefs.
But we cant! The media certainly wouldn’t give the story a fair shake and men that did something like post an anti abortion sign would be burned alive in the arena of public opinion. Not only that, they would could risk losing things such as their job, their house and on some occasions their own children in the process.
So enough of this double standard! Stop vilifying people that had absolutely nothing to do with this group of people. Stop slandering their name and calling them a terrorist organization because you don’t believe what they do! In fact, stop trying to vilify the people associated with the organization to try to shame people for what they believe.

In the end, i’m not religious and i don’t care what you do with your body, but there are other people other there who believe that you are killing an innocent life by terminating your pregnancy. A life they believe for one reason or another should have been allowed to breath, experience life and one day become a productive member of society.
With that in mind, stop playing this game of hypocrisy and shameless which hunting and actually strive to get something done. Florida had an amazing start to that by raising the legal age of guns to 21, creating a three day wait period and banning bump stocks, which are all three important factors in this.
Of course there are other important factors here as well and hopefully be addressed. but hopefully we can take a moment and stop constantly trying to find fault in an organization that is fighting for their rights and find the true problem that mass school shootings a common occurrence in The United States.

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