Parkland Shooting Survivors Add Controversial New Feature To Their Website


Its up to you how you feel about this.

With that being said, The March For Our live’s website now has a new feature on their webpage and while the actual rally went a long way in bringing awareness to the issue, but now that have a path to get their as well. Unfortunately for those that are looking to discredit the young survivors of The Parkland shooting, they now have a resister to vote feature added to their website, which is sure to lead to an increase in democratic voters.

It will also probably lead to a lot of anti gun registered voters, which is bad news for Conservatives hoping to maintain a majority in the house in senate in the midterm elections. Furthermore, the increase in registered voters could be devastating to Donald Trump’s election campaign in 2020, especially if the candidate happens to be popular with the younger crowd like Bernie Sanders or Bob Kennedy.

Below is a  photo of the feature on the website and how it works.


In the end, it looks like Conservatives biggest fears are coming true and while a lot of the information that has been uncovered on the shooting survivors has been beyond ridiculous, this photo seems to point to the fact that these teenagers are actually being used by The Democratic party. In, fact, The Democratic party could be using these kids as the perfect counter strike agaisnt Trump in 2020.

Think about it! Trump can’t talk ill about these teenagers without The American Public going completley nuts and that’s what The Democrats are going to use him for. Its honestly a fail safe idea, especially since any outcry of crisis actors or communsim is only going to demonize Trump and the rest of the Republican party. but its also going to something that could really bring The Democratic base in a way that other things cant.

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