Parkland Shooting Survivor Caught Making Controversial Gesture During Speech


Its pathetic really

David Hogg did a speech during The march For Our Lives rally and while one would think that people would choose to focus on his stance on gun control, or his criticisms of The NRA, one news website instead decided to focus on the gesture the man made at the end of the statement. Unfortunately for Hogg and his supporters, the gesture he made at the end of his statement is already drawing him more criticism then ever before.

In case you missed it, Hogg finished off a fiery four minute speech during the rally in Washington by raising a closed fist in the air in front of a cheering crowd. Of course his supporters probably didn’t think much of the gesture and even raised their fist in a similar fashion after his speech, Hogg’s detractors choose to focus on its resemble to a Hitler salute or a communist hand gesture.

In all honesty, Hogg probably could have chosen a better hand gesture for people to rally behind, but it seems extremely evident that the young man’s detractors are now scrapping the bottom of the barrel in hopes of finding another way to discredit him or his fellow survivors. In fact, it almost seems like they are insanely desperate to brainwash their readers into believing that these men and women didn’t have valid points!

And while a lot of conservatives probably don’t agree with those points and believe this is an attack on the second amendment, you would think that they would actually have a valid point instead of relying on innuendo’s to fear monger with. With that being said, and Hoggs prolific words throughout the speech, maybe they don’t have a point and are in panic mode.

“When politicians say that your voice doesn’t matter because the NRA owns them, we say: No more. Hogg told marchers at the rally, ” When politicians send their thoughts and prayers with no action, we say: No more. And to those politicians supported by the NRA, that allow the continued slaughter of our children and our future, I say: Get your resumes ready.Lastly, let’s put the USA over the NRA,” . “Thank you, I love you all, God bless all of you, and God bless America. We can, and we will, change the world.”

In the end, i don’t agree with all of Hogg’s policies and believe some of his words to The NRA and other politicians are a little brash, but i do feel that you have to respect what this man is doing. He, along with the other brave survivors from The Parkland shooting, have the opportunity to bring about real change in a way that has America’s attention every step of the way.

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