Five Lies The Right Wants You To Believe About The Parkland Shooting Survivors

#3 Emma Gonzalez bullying the shooter.

Emma Gonzalez made a fiery speech at The March for our lives rally in Washington DC and while some would think the focus would change to gun reform, some are trying to bring bullying back into it by demonizing the words that Gonzalez said during her speech. With that being said, Gonzalez did admit to ostracizing the shooter during her speech, but here’s why that doesn’t matter as much as some think it does.

Lets start of with the fact that the person she ostracized turned out to be a right wing gun nut that frequently talked about school shootings and is even had videos of him killing small animials for target practice. Now is that someone you would want your’ kid around? Furthermore, wouldnt you be fearful for your childs safety if they were in the company of such a person?

But for some reason or another, the right wing stil lwant to call this bullying and claim that this means bullying should be the conversation people are having instead of about guns. While it is agreeable that bullying might have played a small part in how things played out, none of the actions that occured on that day in Febaury would have been possible without the shooters access to a gun.

Furthermore, The March For Our lives website talked about the bullying aspect of the school shooting in their four point plan and calls for a counselor in every school to work out these kinds of issues and ensure that bullying is cut down on. Of course those that are pro gun probably don’t want to mention that since it brings the attention back on the issue of gun control itself, but it is something that people need to be aware of.

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