Five Lies The Right Wants You To Believe About The Parkland Shooting Survivors




5 Not on campus during shooting.

Believe it or not, some people are claiming that Parkland shooting survivor, David Hogg, wasn’t even at the school at the time of the shooting. Of course this comes from an interview answer that was taken out of context and used as a way to portray him as a crisis actor, but some people actually bought the humongous lie, hook line and freaking sinker.

The supposed contradiction comes after a leaked exert from a CBS documentary shows Hogg talking about hearing about the shooting and then going to the school to conduct interviews and take pictures. What they fail to mention in all this is that Hogg is a journalist for his schools news station and was actually returning to the scene of the crime later in the day to get pictures and do interviews.

Unfortunately for Hogg and The Parkland Shooters many right wing blogs exploded with misinformation after seeing parts of the interview and started to sew the story of him being a crisis actor. Interestingly enough, the same accusations were made against Sandy Hook survivors back in 2012 which rested on the idea that the parents were only faking their grief for their dead children.

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