Are you Brave Enough To Take The TV Dad Challenge?


Which television dad does your father remind you of?

For me it was Jay Prichett from Modern Family, who was both prideful and loving. He might have an old age point of view and provide for some of the dryer humor n the family dynamic, but he has also proven to be a big softie as well. Sure, he doesn’t always have the best intentions during the beginning of his character ark, but he arguably has one of the biggest most interesting character arcs in the entire show!

Not only that, he has also become a fan favorite for many throughout the show’s run and and is definitely responsible for some of the more meaningful storylines of the show. From his growing relationship to his son in law, Phil, to how he is dealing with being a retired business owner, Jay has grown the most out of any of the other characters and that has been beautiful to see.

And its been beatiful to watch myself and my father change as people too. While my dad and i had a rocky relationship at times, especially since we were completley different people, our relationsihip hasj grown immensely over the past few years and have gained a lot of respect for each other. In fact, my dad and i have even come to hang out as best friends, which would have never even been possible just five years ago.

I wasn’t a perfect child and my dad wasn’t a perfect dad, but like Manny and Jay, we starting finding interesting ways to relate to each other. Of course sometimes he dosen’t understand where im coming from or where i get my worldview, but he has started to try accept that. He has also become a lot softer in his teachings and spends more time trying to encourage me instead of critisizing.

In the end, Jay and my dad have a lot in comment and that’s why he reminds me so much of each other. Both are older, both struggle with today’s social climate and both have that witty dry humor that you can only attain from years and years of watching late night monologues and staying up with current events. Its an interesting character dynamic and i have been privileged enough to watch it come to life

Now for the challenge! Who does your dad remind you of? Who does your mother remind you of? Are their an other family members in your life that resemble that of a television show? Let us know in the comments below and also share this with your friends for even more fun conversations with family and friends!

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