Sean Spicer Admits To Lying During Inauguration Day Press Conference



Ah The Spiceman.

Once a day Sean Spicer would make his way to the front of The White House press room, breath a collective sigh at the thought of the words that were soon to come out of his mouth and then actually turn around to face the crowd and speak them. Not only was this man ]responsible for a countless amount of SNL skits\,  he has also created countless memes as well.

With that being said, Spicer, who resigned from his role of White House Press Secretary back in August of last year, did an interview with HLN and discussed some of the biggest mistakes he made during his time in The Trump administration. Interestingly enough, Spice brought up the inauguration address where he told reporters that Trump had the largest attendance in Inauguration history, which he admitted was a mistake and that he shouldn’t have said.

“The inauguration. You brought it up. I would say that’s first and foremost Spicer told HLN. This was apparently in reference to him claiming that it was the most viewed worldwide and in history, which was brought up when photos began to surface of Obama’s inugaration attendence. CNN and MSNBC starting claiming that The Trump Administration was lying, which prompted Spicer to come out and talk to the press.

This was also the press confrence where Spicer addressed fake news and allowed the media to paint an even bigger target on his back in the process. In the end, its nice to know that Spicer can admit to his mistakes and hopefully move on from them. With that being said and Spicer still being a hot topic for his role in The Trump Administration, it will be interesting to see what else he happens to say!