Five Things You Won’t Believe Paul Abrahamian Admitted During An AMA On Reddit



It just wasn’t meant to be.

While Paul seemed to come out on top week after week in The Big Brother house and making it to finale night for the second straight year in a row, The reality star ultimately came up short after Cody had cast the deciding vote to name Josh Martinez Champion. The decision came after months of manipulation and ridiculously evil tactics on the part of Paul to win the game.

Interestingly enough Paul did a AMA on Reddit this month and had quite a few shocking details to spill to fans of the show. In fact, Paul discussed all the key moments from the show, including the bullying accusations, the blackface incident and a secret pact in the jury house. Of course its not known if everything he says is true or not and everyone reading this will have to come up with their own answers to that question, but its always fun to speculate!

With that being said, here are five things he had to say during the AMA!

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