Five Things You Wont Believe Donald Trump Said During An Interview In Britain

#1 response to being called a misogynist by Meghan Markel

So Trump can hold his tongue!

While President Donald Trump only had a six word response to actress, Meghan Markel’s comments about Trump being a divisive misogynist, none of them were ill tempered and were actually very sweet of the man to say. Of course no one that despises The President is going to see it that way and might try to dig deeper into to his words to find another meaning, but he did wish the couple well during the interview.

,”Well, I still hope they’re happy,” Trump said in response to being called a divisive misogynist. With that being said, this is probably the biggest indicator that Trump won’t be invited to The Royal wedding, especially since it would create the possibility of Markel and Trump having to have some kind of interaction before or after The Royal festivities actually commence.

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