Five Things You Wont Believe Donald Trump Said During An Interview In Britain

What question would you ask Donald Trump if you ever got the chance to?

There are so many interesting questions that come to mind when someone gets asked something like this and while most people would probably waste it by talking about white supremacy, feminism, Stormy Daniels or his current marital status with wife Melania, but Britain’s ITV channel didn’t waste time on any of those questions and went right for his twitter habits instead.

OK, to be fair, that wasn’t the only thing the channel managed to talk to The President, as he was also asked about the recent women’s march and whether he was a feminist or not. With that being said and every other news channel hell bent on reporting things that barley qualify as news or sometimes nothing even close to it, here are five things you won’t believe Trump said while he was in Britain.

Please note that this is satire and only an attempt to make fun of what other media outlets are talking about. In the end, there are probably other things that the media, including us should be discussing, but these five things that Donald Trump actually talked about were things that most people would probably think wouldn’t be asked in a interview with the president.

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