Five Things You Need To Know About The Upcoming Government Shutdown

#5 DACA as a barganing ship

According to an article from about DACA “, Asked if Democrats would reject a spending bill that punted DACA to January, independent Maine Sen. Angus King, who caucuses with the Democrats, said, “I can’t answer that.”

While DACA, which will protect over 700,000 immigrants living in The United States , is an important issue that needs to be resolved, it seems blatantly obvious that Democrats are using the upcoming budget as a bargaining chip in order to pass legislation. Of course some people will see that as just playing politics and all apart of negotiating it also seems like they are as oblivious to a shutdowns effects as the republican who wrote the article was.

According to’s article on the shutdown,” There are a number of people who are negatively affected. For instance, some veterans may experience delays to receive benefits. Furloughed government workers and their families could have to wait a little longer to receive a paycheck. Some businesses that have contractual agreements with the federal government may not see their payments on time.

With that being said and the above things all being at risk if the government were  to actually shutdown on January 20th, why in the world would our world leaders be ok with this? Forget using DACA and border security as a bargaining chip, didnt both parties take an oath to protect the people of The United States? Or are these two peices of legislation really that important right now?

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