Popular Big Brother House guest Undergoes Surgery For Medical Condition


Big Brother 19 was a very eventful  season.

Not only did the season play host to injuries, bullying , manipulation, abuse and countless scandals, it also featured a very special story from contestant, Raven Walton, who entered the show with Gastroparesis and shared her brave story throughout the season. While many fans responded with hatred and snooping, even going so far as to create the hashtag, Raven Exposed Party, others responded with immense support.

With that being said, Raven Walton has kept her promise to her fans and continues to document her journey as she struggles with her illness. She even posted a Instagram picture last week of her preparing to have her pacemaker replaced. The surgery was said to be a success and Walton left a message for her fans in the message to thank them for their support.


In the end, The Raven exposed party continues to trend now and again, but her followers don’t care and continue to follow their golden girl through the firestorm and towards a more promising tomorrow.  In fact, Raven has even stated that she was invited to appear on the next season of Big Brother and might even bring her boyfriend, Matt Clines, to get more star power on the show.

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