Popular Big Brother 19 House Guest Caught Criticizing Fellow House guests On Twitter



Its the Big Brother season that just keeps on giving.

While the 19th season of Big Brother already featured rampant bullying, sexual harrasment, some of the worst blow ups in the shows history and one of the most lackluster returns of all time, it has also created a lot of news stories about what houge guests have to say to each other afterwards. With that in midn and the explosive personalities that took place in this years edition of the show, it probably goes without saying that fans are still showing a lot of interest.

Unfortunately for Big Brother producers, who probably want to put this disaster of season behind them and focus on the first ever United States Celebrity edition of the show, house guests continue to speak out and throw shade at each other from time to time. This time however it was, Cameron Heard doing the trash talking when he took to Twitter this week to let his fans know what he thought about this season of Survivor.

Keep in mind that this is coming from the guy that was the first person eliminated from The Big Brother house last season and then lost again to Cody when trying to win the battle back competition to make his way back into the house. Sure, the eviction wasn’t exactly his decison, especially since he was ousted after Kevin choose the first temptations of the season and fans were forced to do a quick eviction, but he didn’t do much to stop it either.

In the end, Heard was essentially right in the fact  that Paul completely took over the game and everyone else followed him like mindless sheep for the rest of the season, but he wasn’t exactly able to stop the bearded one either.  In fact, Cameron couldn’t even manage to get a friendship bracelet from Paul to avoid the first eviction, which shows that he didn’t exactly have a social game to write home about.

What are your thoughts? Is Cameron right? Let us know in the comments below!

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