Huge Update On Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s Relationship Status

Jessica Graf,
Jessica Graf enjoying a laugh during an interview


Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Whether you like it or not, they were the most popular showmance of the entire summer and many of their haters have hoped that the two would be on the rocks by now and at each other’s throats, it actually appears that the two are madly in love and won’t be breaking up anytime soon. In fact, one rumor earlier this month suggested that Team Jody would be cast for Big Brother Celebrity Edition.

With that being said, it is being reported that Jessica and Cody were spotted hiking in Runyon Park in Los Angelos California, where Cody was said to even be shirtless. Jessica was in full work out gear for the hike as well.. The couple were also spotted a day earlier at a restaurant and Jessica Graf has been spotted hanging out with The Bachelor’s Vanessa Grimaldi

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For those that unaware of who these two are, the duo gained popularity after getting wise to fellow Big Brother contestant, Paul Alabamian’s plans to control the house and tried to eliminate him early. Unfortunatley for Team Jody, Paul had received a temptation named the Pendant of Protection and was removed from the block for the first and only time that entire season.

Paul then pitted much of the house against Cody and Jessica and worked to get the couple out of the house over the next couple of weeks. The plan was successful with Cody Nickson, who was evicted early on in the season, but reentered the house thanks to The Battle Back competition. Cody and Jessica remained safe for several weeks thanks to a temptation they received called the halting hex, but both were eventually eliminated after a few more weeks of torture.

This all finally culminated with Cody making jury and casting the deciding vote to give Josh Martinez the season victory over Paul and even won America’s favorite player after doing so. Cody then embraced with Jessica after the show and the final moments of the season featured Cody and Jessica sharing a loving kiss after surviving a season of pure hell.

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