Five Things I Learned In a Liberal College This Semester

Speak up!

One of the many problems i have in life is that i never speak up for myself. Maybe its because i’m afraid of how it will affect my relationships with people or maybe its because i hate confrontation, but i couldn’t bring myself to do it all this semester. Unfortunately for me, this resulted in me being unable to talk to a girl that i had liked all semester young, but had never actually talked to.

We talked a lot on the last day of school and i even got her name at one point. With that being said, i probably could have at least made a friendship if i had actually spoken up. Another example of not speaking up when i probably needed to, was when my bus driver kept dropping me off at the wrong stop. I would always ring the stop requested line, but would be taken to the bus stop a mile away from my original stop and my house.

I finally spoke up to my bus driver, but he told me that he didn’t know what was going on due to the fact that he was new. In the end, they finally started to drop me off at the right stop again and i don’t know what prompted the change, but i’m extremely glad that i spoke up and stood my ground.

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