Five Things I Learned In Liberal College This Semester

Race and gender as a social construct

I always feared id run into a class like this, but when my teacher started teaching us about gender and race being a social construct to further colonization, i kind of tuned out. Of course a lot of that probably had to do with being conditioned my entire life by parents political beliefs, but it also blew my mind that a school and teacher would be teaching me something like this.

Maybe i’m just not awake enough to realize everything that has happened in this country for the short amount of time i’ve been here, but the class seemed to take every shot at White people imaginable and that’s what i found so bias about it all. They also mocked religion is some of the most bizarre ways possible, which while i could understand the reason for doing so, i could also only imagine how uncomfortable it must of made some people in the class.

In the end, maybe if the class didn’t seem to make White citizens the enemy of all other races, i would have been more into it then what i was.

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