Five Big Brother Celebrity Edition Rumors You Won’t Believe!

#5 Cody and Jessica

Do you want to see them again?

Whether your answer is yes or no, there are some rumors floating around that CBS is having trouble finding top notch celebrities to be cast on the show this year and are now considering the addition of Jessica and Cody to return to the show.

While this option does have it various downsides, it is worth noting that Cody won America’s favorite player this year and would probably entice his loyal fan base to tune in until he and his fiance are eliminated. Unfortunately for the power couple, they didn’t play the game very well the first time and very well could be one of the first two competitors eliminated if they come back for another season.

In the end, it would probably be a big boost to have the two back in the house, but its probably going to piss off anyone that isn’t a fan of the two. Not only that, fans that do want to see Jessica and Cody get another chance at prize money, Jessica and Cody have very combustible attitudes that could make them less likable once fans get to see them on the show a little more.

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