Five Big Brother Celebrity Edition Rumors You Won’t Believe!



Can Big Brother Celebrity Edition surivve its first season?

That might seem like a ridiculous question, especially after the success and controversy that surrounded Big Brother 19 just a  few short months ago, but it is one that fans and the TV station alike have to ask themselves after Big Brother Over the top flopped only a short time ago. In fact, Big Brother Celebrity edition will also have to compete against The Winter Olympics in February, which only adds to the pressure for the network to hit this out of the park.

Unfortunately for fans that are hoping that the network is able to hit this one out of the park, they face many obstacles in doing that, including casting issues, market over saturation and the fans that are already angry about how the last season played out. With that being said and the premiere of the show only a short time away, here are five rumors that Big Brother fans need to know!

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