Experts Make Shocking Claim About Pokemon Go Mobile Game.


There are few mobile games in the world that has had the same impact on today’s generation that Pokemon go has in its short time of existence. Of course a lot of that probably has to do with it being the literal realization of 90’s kids dream to roam around like actual Pokemon trainers and catch their favorite types of creatures. With that being said and the lure that will forever illuminate Pokemon, the game hasn’t been without its consequences.

In fact, Pokemon go has apparently been responsible for dead body discoveries, getting robbed, getting car jacked and a variety of other things over the course of its existence. Furthermore, it is now being claimed by a recent study that Pokemon go has been responsible for an increase in car accidents around Poke stops in the game. This said to be due to gamers trying to collect poke stop items while driving and was apparently responsible for over 134 accidents in a 148 days.

According to,”  researchers from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in Indiana looked at a sudden increase in car accidents in the state’s Tippecanoe County in the months following the game’s launch. Ultimately, they found that “Pokémon Go” was responsible for 47 percent of the increase in car accidents over the expected baseline.”

Live science went on to say that,”he researchers focused accidents that were near “PokéStops” — places where users can snag in-game items such as Poké Balls — and calculated that, because people were trying to cash in on the PokéStops while driving, the amount of car crashes in the county increased by 134 over the 148 days after the game was released.

In the end, its pretty sad that this generation doesn’t understand that the responsibility of driving is a very real one and they shouldn’t be distracting themselves with phones or Pokemon Go. With that being said, its not like other generations didn’t have their distractions behind the wheel also, but its hard to argue that this probably has to be one of the most ridiculous and pathetic reasons to be distracted behind the wheel.

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