Donald Trump Accused Of Being Extremely Drunk During Speech


The president of The United States  is a busy man.

With that being said and the already nasty nature of the way the media treats Donald Trump, The 45th President Of The United States is accused of being a alcoholic or having several mental issues. The flub came when Trump said, God Bless America, which is staple of his speeches and has the liberal media in a up roar.

Of course the flub wasn’t that bad and hardly worth even mentioning, but people on twitter seem determined to make this as popular as Hillary Clinton’s health scares. The rumors are only going to fuel more public dissent and cause even more questions about Trump’s health. In fact, its hard to see this as  anything more then a desperate plea by the liberal media to make Trump look even more like an idiot.

Whether it will or not is ultimately up to the people watching the televisions and reading the news stories in the coming days. Only they can decide if left wing attacks like this will continue to be a problem or if they will be ignored in favor of actual newsworthy events. Unfortunately for those hoping for the latter, MSNBC CNN and other media companies have an agenda and this story fuels that agenda.A

While it is important to keep an open mind and be ready to accept hard truths about our country’s politics, this kind of non incident is over shadowing issues that should truly matter to the American people and it also allows the liberal media to go on for hours when ridiculous reasons why Trump should be impeached. If nothing else, its only going to serve to further divide the base and that shouldn’t allowed to happen.

Focus on the real stories, not the ones the liberal media wants to make into stories.





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