Big Brother Producers Make New Rule For Celebrity Edition Of The Show



While its pretty safe to say that fans don’t know what to expect when it comes to the new Celebrity edition of Big Brother that will premiere in February, its an interesting concept nonetheless and opens the door to some pretty interesting possibilities on live television. The only problem is that the show, which was announced during the finale of Big Brother 19, hasn’t been able to get off the starting blocks and is reportedly struggling to find house guests.

This was made apparent after it was revealed that Lance Bass, who was member of the popular boy band, NSYNC, wouldn’t do the show unless he was paid ten million dollars to do so. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough for longtime fans of the show, producers for the show have even reportedly thought about bringing power couple, Jody, back into The Big Brother house due to lack of available celebrities.

Even more bizarre then that, Big Brother producers now reportedly have a rule for which celebrities they will accept and won’t accept and while most would probably think they would take anything they could get at this point, that is simply not the case. In fact, the rule that Big Brother producers have set for this year’s celebrity edition of the show will only serve to limit the potential of the show even more.

According to The National Enquirer, “The bosses at CBS are ready to finally produce a celebrity version of the hit series “Big Brother,” but the producers are already insisting on one big rule — no “Real Housewives” allowed in the house!‘Big Brother’ wants to stay away from ladies who have been ‘Housewives,’” said a source, “because they’re looking for real celebrities who are not used to being on camera in a private setting.”

With that being said and the already limited selection pool that Celebrity Big Brother has to choose from , its very likely that this is going to be a failed endeavor, just like Big Brother Over The Limit was and just result in CBS never doing something like this again. Hopefully that’s not the case and producers can find a suitable cast for the show this season, but it doesn’t look great right now!

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