WWE Leaves Secret Message For Fans On Monday Night Raw


Is WWE trying to ruin another superstar’s career?

While it isn’t always clear what WWE’s intentions are, there are sometimes subtle little hints during segments and matches that tell viewers exactly what WWE wants them to think about a person. In fact, its been used in the past and will no doubt be used again and again until the end of time.

Unfortunately for The Monster Among men, that seems to be the tactic WWE is employing against him by associating him with garbage. Of course trash was used multiple time throughout the night as a calling card for Bruan Strowman during segments with The Miz and he even eventually emerged from a garbage truck.

With that being said, some people are saying that this is WWE’s attempt at knocking Bruan Strowman down the card a bit and could be the start of The WWE not taking one of their biggest assets seriously anymore. What happens after  that is anyone’s guess, but he could end up like WWE’s other failed monsters.

In the end, WWE can still save face by not continuing to use a pile of trash as a calling card for Strowman, but there is also the possibility that WWE just wants to make it look like they aren’t behind Strowman so fans have no reason to be either.

WWE did the same thing with Daniel Bryan during his feud with The Authority for The WWE Title and could be trying to just trick fans into getting behind a newly babyfaced Braun Strowman. What are your thoughts on all this? Let us know in the comments below!


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