Shocking Reason Why Emma Was Released By WWE Revealed


Emma was released by WWE this month and while her last match, which was against Asuka on Monday Night Raw, made her look impressive, it appears that WWE had been planning to release her for some time. In fact, a new report is blaming one of her old gimmicks for why she is no longer with the company.

According to a article ,”the last straw was when Emma’s “Emmalina” character flopped so poorly that they had to scrap the idea. Emmalina was said to be a Vince McMahon creation and there was a lot of time spent on it. But McKenna says that Emma didn’t like the new character and this left a bad impression on McMahon.”

Of course another detriment to her career had to be her untimely injuries that she suffered throughout her run with the company. Not only that, the storyliens she did apparently say yes to were so ridiculous and often boring that it was impossible to really want to invest time into.


With that in mind, and Emma being booked so poorly over the past couple months after the Emmalina storyline failed,  it appears that WWE was just biding their time before they finally got rid of her. Of course her shooting idea after idea had to put her in a bad spot, but saying no to Vince McMahon was much worse.

What are your thoughts? Did Emma deserve the treatment she received from The WWE? Was she smart to turn down The Emmalina storyline? Let us know in the comments below!

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