Popular Superstar Planning To Walk Out On The WWE


There’s a lot of rumors floating around in The WWE Universe.

Of course that’s to be expected with the everything that has been happening over the past couple of months, but the rumors focusing on upcoming WWE releases seems to be getting a little more interesting. In fact, one of WWE’s top talents could be set to turn his back on the company for good.

Its no secret that fans have felt Finn Balor hasn’t been utilized to his full potential since coming to the main roster over a year ago, especially after being injured during the Summerslam main event with Seth Rollins, but a new tweet from The Demon King seems to be hinting at his depature from the company.

Whether this has anything to do with being unhappy about his run with the company or its just one of the many jokes he plays on his fans, it is worth noting that Balor tweeted a picture of a tombstone with the words, “bye,” chiseled into the stone.

With that being said, Finn Balor has truly had one of the worst main roster runs of any of the former NXT champions and while he is captivating to watch in the ring, him being relegated the mid card and not pursing the Universal Champion since August shows what the company might really think of him.

What compounds the issue even further is the fact that Balor came off a huge win over Aj Styles at TLC, but got decimated by Kane twice in the span of two weeks after that. Furthermore, Kane is rumored to be feuding with Bruan Strowman at Survivor Series, which would leave Balor without an opponent for the show.

Maybe WWE could insert Balor into the match somehow, but its probably not goign to make much of a difference with how much WWE is high on the two monsters going at it on pay per view. What are your thoughts? Will Balor leave WWE on Monday? Let us know in the comments below!


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