Popular Big Brother 19 House guest Calls Out Fans For Being Hypocritical About Bullying

Bullying was a very regularly used word during the course of Big Brother 19

Of course a lot of that had to do with how the entire cast battled agaisnt Cody and Jessica in the house, but it also continued after they were both evicted as well. In fact, the bullying seemed to carry on for the entire season and only got worse with each passing week.

Paul Makes Controversial Statement About Josh Martinez During Interview.

Unfortunately for Big Brother 19 winner, Josh Martinez, he finds himself embroiled in a lot of that controversy after he was seen throughout much of the season intentionally antagonizing people. He did it with pot and pans to Jessica and Cody, called people names and even got into a spelling contest to mock Jessica and Cody on their last nights in the house.

Josh did an interview with ,”Your Reality Recaps,” with Eric Curto and discussed the topic of bullying that played out during the season. While some saw it as bullying and un called for on many occasions, he maintains that it was just a game strategy and that fans are hypocritical for calling him a bully when he got drinks thrown in his face.

This occured during a game of Pool in the backyard, when Josh scratched on the eight ball, but still tried to argue that since he made the shot, that he had won the game. This didnt sit with with Mark, who after realizing that Josh wouldn’t follow through on the orginal bet to drink hot sauce, threw a drink in his face.

The two then got into a huge shouting match and had to be seperated by the rest of the house guests. Mark remained on Josh’s target list throughout much of the season after that and was ultimately eliminated a few weeks later. Josh meanwhile, went on to win the game by one vote and will now go down in history as one of the best players of the game.

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