Huge Update On Popular Big Brother 19 Showmance

Didn’t see that one coming!

While Big Brother 19 had many popular shomances throughout the summer, including #maven, #jody, and even Paul and Christmas, one showmance that seemed to fizzle out on the show early on, somehow revived itself with the two reportedly now moving in together.

Of course fans remember the budding romance in the opening weeks of the season between contestants, Mark and Elena, who both left the house under controversial circumstances, but they also probably remember Elena’s attempt to separate herself from Mark in the game once he was earning a bad reputation.

Fortunately for Mark, he won her heart a second time and the two seemed to spend very intimate time together in the jury house before the show concluded in October. In fact, Elena even hinted at a real world relationship with Mark during her exit interview.

According to The Inquisitor,”In the interview, Mark Jansen revealed that he plans to move from New York to Texas with Elena Davies to start a fitness training and motivational speaking program. While the move-in scoop means things have turned serious, a quick glance at Mark Jansen’s social media pages shows plenty of Marlena PDA. Mark documented the couple’s recent trip to New York City on his Instagram page, captioning a photo of himself and his “queen” Elena. Mark also refers to Elena as his girlfriend in his sweet social media posts.”

Do you believe Elena deserves a second chance after trying to distance herself from Mark in the middle of the game? Do you think they make a cute couple? Let us know in the comments below!

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