Donald Trump Did More Damage To America Then Osama Bin Laden And 9/11, According To Top Journalist




Of all the nonessential hyperbole that could have come out of the mouth of a reporter.

9/11, a terrorist tragedy that took the lives of over 3000 Americans and led to the death of countless others in The War on Iraq, Is one of the worst acts of terrorism  ever perpetrated on American soil, but it has apparently now been outdone by Donald Trump’s presidency. At least according to Keith Olberman, who made the argument during a talk show debate on ,”The View,”

“You also got in a sort of a Twitter thing with Donald Trump Jr. A lot of people are of course frustrated by the reaction to the terror attack here in New York. But you said recently via tweet that ‘Trump and his family have done more damage to America than bin Laden and ISIS combined.’ Do you believe that?” View co host Sunny Hostin asked Olberman during their interview.

“Yeah, we did really well after 9/11,” Olbermann responded to the question about the controversial remark he made on Twitter,”, receiving a groan from co-host Meghan McCain. “I don’t think the country has given itself enough credit for what we did not do after 9/11. We did not restrict all of the freedoms in this country. We did not single out people. We did not destroy the fabric.”

McCain, who also was a guest on the show that day, asked if he believed Donald Trump did more damage to America then Osama Bin Laden, which Olberman answered with a yes.  This continued on for several minutes until Olberman was asked if he wanted America fail under Trump, but he never answered the question and just continued throwing blanket statement after blanket statement of Trump being insane and unstable.

“My argued is not about the politics or the policies, it’s about that I don’t think the guy is stable,” Olberman said later in the interview on The View talk show,” . “My attitude towards this administration is we’re stuck with it… for at least four years, okay. I’m accepting that. I’ll take President Pence. I’ll carry him to the White House on my shoulders.”

Other highlights of the interview are Olberman claiming he owed President George W. Busch an apology for criticizing him so harshly and then admitted that he would be much more happier with a third term for Busch then continue under Trump’s leadership. What are your thoughts on Olberman’s statement? Let us know in the comments below!

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