Celebrity Refusing To Come On Celebrity Big Brother For Shocking Reason


No one said it was going to be easy.

Of course fans of the reality show Big Brother lost their collective minds when it was announced that CBS would be doing a special celebrity edition of Big Brother in January and while a lot of names have been floated around for the history televison event, there is at least one celebrity that is publicly refusing to do the show unless his needs are met.

Unfortunately for former NSYNC member,  Lance Bass, his demand of 10 million dollars was somehow  deemed too much money for the former pop star and he is apparently much more comfortable watching the events unfold from the comfort of his home.

“I’m not doing it,” Bass told Entertainment Tonight during an interview, “I am the biggest Big Brother fan ever. I want to play this game so badly, but it’s just, I’m not going to be in a house that long and not get paid $10 million. So, if you wanna pay me $10 million, I’m in!”

We’re so excited,” Bass told ET when asked about the first ever celebrity edition of Big Brother inside The United States, “I would love to see Kathy Griffin, for multiple reasons. I think she would just be great television, and she loves the game. AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys, another big Big Brother fan. I like to see fans in the house. And, our girl, Fortune Feimster, would be really great in the house.”

What are your thoughts? Should Big Brother cave in and pay him the asking price? Who else do you think will turn down an offer to be on Big Brother this season. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below and tell us what part of Celebrity Big Brother your most excited about.


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