Big Brother Producers Make Shocking Pick For Celebrity Big Brother Cast


The word celebrity obviously means different things to different people.

While Big Brother producers have done a pretty good job over the years of putting together amazing cast after amazing cast, they seem to not be having the same kind of luck when it comes to their newest celebrity Big Brother show and might be forced to lower their definition of celebrity altogether.

Of course this is what many fans have speculated would happen when CBS announced the Celebrity Big Brother show for this January, but no one could have imagined it would have turned out this bad. In fact, former NYSNC member Lance Bass recently turned down a spot on the show for not being paid ten million dollars.

With that being said, it is rumored that Big Brother producers are running out of options and time in regards to the celebrity Big Brother cast and might be forced to make a very controversial decision if a few of their other casting options dont end up working out.

According to a CBS inside source via Twitter, “Lance Bass refused to do the series. YouTuber Shane Dawson has allegedly¬†agreed to join the cast. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are reportedly in talks to join the series. Apparently, CBS will use Graf and Nickson as a backup option, in case the celeb negotiations fall through.”

While this is a understandable decision, especially with the fan base that Team Jody has amassed from last season, the fans that don’t like the power couple might end up ignoring the show completely, which would hinder its performance right out of the gate.

It would probably be as bad of a decison as when the show decided to have Paul return and would probably be much for short lived since neither Cody or Jessica really know how to play the game that well. In fact, if CBS producers were to make this change, it would most likely be much shorter lived then Paul’s historic run last season.

What are your thoughts? Do you think bringing Jessica and Cody back is the best idea, or will Big Brother regret using them for their celebrity edition of the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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