Popular House Guest Makes Shocking Statement About Josh Martinez During Interview


You win some, you lose some.

Unfortunately for Paul, he lost the same game twice and by the same vote. He lost to Nicole Franzel in Big Brother 18 by a vote of 5-4 and followed that up by losing to Josh Martinez in Big Brother 19 the next year. Of course the second loss was mostly due to his dirty game play and backstabbing, but it doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

What apparently made the pain hurt  a little less was when Paul sat down with US Weekly after the season finale of Big Brother and told reporters his side of the story. In fact, Paul wasted no time digging into the bitter jury, comparing his loss this year to the loss last year and Josh’s apparent lack of strategy.

“It’s not that I’m annoyed, but I think Nicole strategized a little bit more. I didn’t just see much strategy in Josh’s gameplay and I know had it not been for me either guiding him, calming him down or showing him the ropes he wouldn’t have made it to certain points in the game,” Paul said when asked about how he felt about losing to Josh “Not negating either of their wins, but I think Nicole kind of had more strategy and pep in her step.”

Again, maybe Paul is just coming from a place of hurt here, but there is also a certain level of honesty to his statement about Josh winning this season. I mean, its not like Josh would have lasted that long in the game had Paul not taken him under his wing at the beggining of the year, especially with his frequent blowups.

In fact, the more fans and even the 9 jurors that decided this season’s winner of Big Brother look at this year’s game, the more i think they’ll realize that game was handed to Josh out of spite for Paul. Furthermore, they’ll realize that there was nothing that made Josh’s game  significant in any way.

Sure, he won some competitions here and there and was one of the firsts besides Cody, Jessica and Dominique to figure out that Paul was a snake, but he didn’t really have a sound strategy to negate the threat that was Paul. In the end, Paul’s game ran circles around Josh’s in every way possible!

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