Popular ABC Show Discusses Racism and Slavery With Extremely Uncomfortable Music Video


Everything has to be political now a days.

Whether you’re walking down the street and and overhear two people talking about the latest thing a celebrity said about Donald Trump, or watch a good old game a football and see players protesting the national anthem, politics have seeped into our lives in ways previously thought impossible or at least in poor taste.

Unfortunately for those tired of the endless protests, constant conversations about race inequality and trash talk about Donald Trump, the trend of the political issues ending up in our entertainment continues as ABC’s show, Blacklish, used their season premiere to talk about race issues.

Of course the episode started off innocent enough with the family going to see their youngest child act in a school play about Christopher Columbus, but soon devolved into madness with a few tongue in check references to the actual events surrounding Christopher Columbus and a few semi racist statements thrown in for good measure.

The main character, Andre Johnson  JR, along with special guest star, Aloe Black, then work together to try to come up with an advertising jingle that explains the history what happened to slaves in the 1800’s and how they were ultimately freed on June 19th 1865 when Texas finally abolished slavery.

The problem is however that while the show did do a pretty good job of explaining what exactly happened to slaves before, during and The Civil War, even going so far as to take a unique proactive approach to racism, it was during a premire for a show that was supposed to be for all to enjoy.

In fact, i personally watched my dad squirm and shake his head during the uncomfortable episode that explored our nations history and while it was a vehicle to a short discussion on race relations and slavery, it ultimately lead to the destination that the show was wrong for being so divisive and critical of other races.

Sure, the episode was good and had a lot of comedic moments in it, but it was regarding a subject  that a lot of people are tired of having shoved down their throats in their every day life. It also seemed very one sided in that it didn’t really explain how far America has come since the years of slavery.

They failed to mention President Barack Obama’s election in 2008 and his reelection in 2012, the civil rights movement of the 1960’s and the removal of confederate flags from various government monuments and several other places as well.

Yes, its not perfect and my list probably pails in comparison to what African Americans and other races truly deserve when it comes to the matter of equality, but using a popular Television show that is enjoyed by various audiences to propagate your message, is only going to anger people even more.

With that being said, the show did feature a lot of interesting points and even a useful resolution to the matter that seemed to satisfy everyone on the show just fine. What they did not do however, is give the other races of the world a way  to start down the path of enlightenment and a new world view.

That’s were it got exclusive. The family, all of which come from African descent, had an epiphany to not care what people or races thought about them and celebrate June 19th as much as they wanted.  They left other races with nothing more then a black and white title card that showed how The American government has still not apologized for slavery.

It also a featured a nice parody of The “i’m just a bill,” School house rock song that i seriously recommend checking out if you can get pass the few cringeworthy moments in the song. It was an effective device to teach about the evils of slavery and really did contribute to my ever changing world view on race.

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