Paul Makes Extremely Controversial Statement About Josh Martinez During Interview


Want to know how to receive more hate then ever before?

Paul Abraham, who finished runner up for the second year in a row , is a perfect example of this after trying to legitimize Josh Martinez’s win during an interview with Us Weekly. In fact, he even made comparisons between Josh and Nicole Franzel, who beat him last year to win Big Brother 18.

“It’s not that I’m annoyed, but I think Nicole strategized a little bit more. Paul told Us Weekly after coming up short a second time, ” I didn’t just see much strategy in Josh’s game play and I know had it not been for me either guiding him, calming him down or showing him the ropes he wouldn’t have made it to certain points in the game,” he says. “Not negating either of their wins, but I think Nicole kind of had more strategy and pep in her step.”

Sure, it was a small dig at Martinez’s finale night victory over him and it will probably be swept under the rug as sour grapes, but it also minimizes Josh victory, despite him being one of the only people in the 16 person house to catch on to Paul’s tricks.

Of course it wasn’t a perfect game win and Josh had to pull out all the stops in order to overcome Paul’s masterful gameplay, but Josh just had better Jury management skills then Mr. Friendship and it showed on finale night when even Cody Nickelson was forced to give Josh the 5th and deciding vote over  Paul.

What are your thoughts? Does Paul’s comments leave a sour taste in your mouth or is it all fair game given what both men have been through? Let us know in the comments below!

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