Major Change Being Made To Shield Reunion Match At TLC Pay Per View


Its finally here!

At least fans think it is and while a Shield reunion seems to be imminent on this week’s edition on Raw, especially since Raw takes place in Indianapolis there apparently might be a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately for the reuniting Shield members, they might be faced with a tall task at TLC.

According to an article from “Meltzer believes that Bruan Strowman could be added to make it a four-on-three handicap match, or he could replace The Miz in the match. If he replaced The Miz, it would free up the WWE Intercontinental Champion to defend his title at Tables Ladders & Chairs.”

If the rumors are true, that means two things. The first is that Bruan Strowman will most likely take the pin fall in the match in order to put over the reuniting Shield brethren. The second that this means is that The Shield reunion will ultimately be a short lived endeavor, especially since they are taking on such a monumental task early on.

Think about it! Where in the hell can The Shield go after dethroning a monster like Strowman at a B show pay per view? Of course WWE  could reunite The Club and bring AJ Styles to Raw to face off against The Shield in a feud at Royal Rumble, but that would involve Styles losing The United States title and leaving his program with Baron Corbin unfinished.

What are your thoughts? How do you think The Shield reunion will play out? Let us know in the comments below!


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