Hillary Clinton Makes Shocking Statement About Donald Trump During Interview


Hating Donald Trump is a very trendy thing right now.

From the liberal media  continuing to report story after story of things Donald Trump has done wrong over the course of his presidency, to daily demonstrations from protesters who cant stand the thought of Donald Trump being president and believe action needs to be taken, Donald Trump continues to be a touchy subject.

With that being said, a new story from Foxnews.com has surfaced that claims Hillary and Bill Clinton both tried to get out of going to President Trump’s inauguration last January and even asked former presidents if they were going to attend.

“I really tried to get out of going,” she claimed during an interview on “The Graham Norton Show,” She later claimed that she thought other people weren’t going to come due to the controversial nature of Trump’s presidency and also decided to speak to other former presidents to see if they were going.

In the end, its nice to see something like this come out about Hillary Clinton, especially with all the hate being levied against Donald Trump right now. Furthermore, its nice to know that Hillary Clinton really is as dishonest and as poor of a sport as people claim she is.

Think about it. The media spent weeks relentlessly  pummeling Donald Trump over whether he would concede the presidency to Clinton if he lost to her and while everyone was upset with his answer about waiting to see the results, Hillary told an outright lie.

Sure, she eventually conceded to Donald Trump after losing the election to him late on election night, but people don’t remember that she privately conceded to him over telephone first and didn’t even make a public statement until the next day.

In fact, her campaign manager, John Pedesta had to come out and send the crowd home for the night. Not only that, he didn’t even have the balls to tell the crowd that the election was pretty much over and Donald Trump had won! There were also reports of Clinton needing to be restrained after going into a psychotic rage, but those reports were never followed up on and were unsubstantiated at best.

With that in mind though, Hillary Clinton spent months repeating the mantra of when they go low we go high, continued to talk about the country needing unity and calling Trump unprofessional but she didn’t even want to attend the man’s inauguration?

Nitpicking as some might find the above statements and arguments, its important to remember that Donald Trump was judged and ridiculed for failing to adhere to the same standards, but it was somehow ok for Clinton to almost get out of going to Trump’s inauguration.

This also shows a lack of character on Clinton’s part and even shows how little she really thought about The United States as a a whole and she really felt about unifying the country. How two faced, petty and crooked can you get Hillary Clinton?


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