Donald Trump Caught Showing Disrespect To The American Flag During Military Ceremony


Hypocrisy is a very disgusting look for a commander in chief.

Unfortunatley for Donald Trump, that’s exactly what he looks like after footage of him played that showed The President of The United States sitting down during The National Anthem and even talking during it. What made the moment even worse was the fact that this took place on a millitary base on live televison.

The moment occurred when Donald Trump appeared on Hannity, which was being broadcast live from a Pennsylvania Air National Guard Base and Trump even went so far as to joke with Hannity that they were playing the song in honor of them. This of course comes after almost three weeks of protest in The NFL.

The protest came after Donald Trump claimed during a rally in Alabama that The NFL should fire Colin Kapernick from The NFL for protesting The National anthem and while The NFL continuously look childish with their hissy fit like tendacies, they are now validated after seeing our POTUS in such a compromising state.

While that might sound a little bit of  an exaggeration, especially with everything else America has witnessed him doing over the past couple of years on the campaign trail, this is one of the first real times that Donald Trump is going to get caught lying to his fan base and looking like a hypocrite.


That’s not to say there aren’t others, but its impossible to argue that this particular one will be hard to deny for even the most ardent Trump supporter. They will be forced to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they made the right choice when they went into the voting booth on election day.

What comes of that thinking is up to, but its impossible to deny that it doesn’t look at least a little hypocritical for Trump to not stand, for The National Anthem on a military base. Furthermore, for Trump and Hannity to sit there and even joke about the song being in honor of them is just a never level of narcissism.




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